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Lower Back Pain

Find Back Pain Relief Without Medication


Welcome to Excel Physical Therapy in Lodi, CA

Why is Excel Physical Therapy your best choice for physical therapy?

Our patients get results fast with our care. You will be treated one-on-one by a licensed physical therapist with extensive education and more than 20 years of experience.

At Excel Physical Therapy in Lodi, CA, we utilize a manual therapy approach to restore the movement and function.

Our friendly staff will schedule your first appointment in two business days or less.

We will fill out all the insurance authorization papers for you.

We will take time to educate you in all facets of your condition. A patient who thoroughly understands his or her condition will have a better outcome.

Yes, you can see us first! Seeing your physical therapist quickly can reduce cost, avoid delay in treatment, and improve outcomes.

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Patient Testimonials
  • Donna A.
    4 years ago
    When I started physical therapy at Excel Physical Therapy I was having back and left leg pain. I was not able to walk without holding onto things, I was leaning forward and I was afraid of falling. Now I am again able to go for walks, do all my chores around the hose without back or leg pain. My balance has considerably improved. I can wear shoes with heels again. Thank you Excel Physical Therapy.
  • Gualberto P.
    4 years ago
    Before I started my therapy sessions at Excel Physical Therapy I had lots of pain in my lower back and legs. I could not drive without pain, I could not even lift anything. After just four sessions of therapy I felt good difference. Now I no longer feel the pain when I drive and I feel comfortable lifting heavy things at work just like I did before I got hurt. I will continue my exercise program that now even my wife does. Thank you Excel.
  • Leona F.
    4 years ago
    Thank you Excel Physical Therapy. Now I can sleep comfortable. My neck and shoulder pain have disappeared as well as the pins and needles. I can drive better because I can turn my head and that is important to me because I am blind in my left eye.
  • Christina G.
    4 years ago
    Before I got started with therapy at Excel Physical Therapy I would get extremely dizzy throughout the day and mostly when I was laying down to sleep. It was affecting my everyday life in small things like walking at a store or even watching a movie. Now I feel grateful for the treatment that I received at Excel Physical Therapy because now I can do all the things I want without getting dizzy.
  • Barbara V.
    4 years ago
    I had trouble walking my dogs, grocery shopping and everyday activities. I even had to give up my yoga classes and going to the fitness center. Now, when I have been asked who helped me getting my life back to normal I am happy to tell them it was Gabriel at Excel Physical Therapy.

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